Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm currently in a bad mood. Its cold, Im miserable and my moms boyfriend is being a complete asshole ; not to mention the puppy just shit in my bedroom. Anyways, what is up with this cold weather? It must be like 0 degrees out right now. I've been bummin around in comfy pants, a huge sweater, and a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. In 1 month and 20 days it will be halloween. I think I want to go out this year if its not too cold. So there is officially 70 days until my birthday and I don't know how I feel about that. I will be 19, unemployed, with no liscene, no nothing. I think I might actually go get my liscence within the next few days and just not tell anyone.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Currently Listening To : Dallas Green

So basically I've been thinking [ big shock ] and I wonder if what a lot of people say [ everyone has a twin ] is true. If so, how is this possible? If everyone has different genes and chromosomes then how could there possibly be twins from a different mother if the cell was never divided? Well, I never believed any of this until a little while back when a friend of mine, Steve, had sent me a picture of a random girl he found online and asked if the picture was of myself. Well, it wasn't but evrytime I showed someone the picture and asked for their opinion they always thought it was me. I've always loved the idea of being a twin, I just think it would be really cool. You be the judge. [ Me on the left ]